In collaboration with Porsche Colchester and the new Macan

March 4, 2019


Following our partnership with Porsche Colchester we bring you this more in depth review based on our experience putting the Macan through it’s paces. 500 miles of paces to be exact! 

Before we get started we would like to formally introduce our loan car and talk pronunciations as there is such a huge stigma surrounding the official ways to address them. 

Meet the new PORSCHE (pronounced as “ POR-SHA”) MACAN (pronounced like “MA-KHAN”).


Macan starting price from £46,344.00 incl VAT.

Price of car as tested £63,907.00.

Power 245 PS

Max. Torque 370 Nm

Automatic transmission 7 speed PDK with gearshift controls on steering wheel and automatic mode. 

CO2 emissions combined 185 g/km.

Manufacturers suggested fuel consumption combined 25.7-28.2 mpg.





So, the Macan. Porsche’s latest mid size SUV.

Why did we pick this to test first in our new feature? Well, as Stace always says, you’ve got to aim high, and it doesn’t come much higher than Porsche for a family car suited to our needs. 


I’ve always had a huge passion for cars and as a huge petrol head it’s just as important to have a car that you love, not just because it does all the practical family stuff, which coincidentally, the Macan does very well.


Upon picking the car up from the lovely Mark Goody at Porsche Centre Colchester we were welcomed with a warm greeting from the reception staff, an incredible line up of cars in the showroom and a nice hot cappuccino complete with biscuits. Ralphie was in his element as he explored the children’s Porsche ride ons. You could spend hours wandering around the showroom just drooling over the array of cars that were there. After discussing our collaboration and brief, Mark showed us out to the forecourt and immediately were both blown away by how impressive the Macan looked. First impressions really are a thing and my first reaction was WOW. 


I think this is partly down to it being specced to pretty much how we would. Although personally I may be swayed by the optional £1676 Miami Blue paint finish, Stace definitely prefers the optional £632 jet black metallic paint we had on our car. 




We’ve always agreed that wheels are a massive factor too, and can never understand why people spend all this money on a car but don’t bother with nice wheels. When we were recently playing around with the online configurator we were swaying towards the 21” sport classic wheels, but actually the 21” RS Spyder design wheels really suited this Macan, and they’re slightly cheaper too. Coming in at £2828 over the £3363 for the sport classic.




Now, you may or may not be thinking at this point, some of these options are quite steep and maybe some of them are. But the way I feel you have to look at it is this is all about making your Porsche individual and suited to your needs. It’s also worth bearing in mind that Porsche’s do tend to hold their residual value very well, so you won’t fear the depreciation as much as you might with other marques. And just like humans everyone is unique and each experience is different. 


Back onto first impressions. Being a German car, and what we’re used to as a family, the ISOFIX Childs seat were a doddle to fit in (Stace even managed to do this by herself, which she can’t normally do and may ask for my help). All you have to do is remove two simple plastic covers, align the pointers on your seat and push until the button turns green…easy as that. 

The boot is very spacious and felt like a dream for our daily duties compared to what we have been used to.




Opening the doors for the first time really does make you take a gasp in admiration for the beautiful red leather and levels of quality immediately visible. I could instantly get comfortable and felt at home in the car, and not actually intimidated in any way whatsoever. Remember, this is a reasonably big car with a pretty high value, so all the factors to intimidate you if only slightly. But I really didn’t feel it. 


Pulling off the forecourt It really did feel special, it just gives you that indescribable feeling that you’re in something much nicer than your run of the mill cars. Power delivery was incredibly smooth as were the gear changes. Comfort and refinement levels were lovely too. You know when something just feels right? Well this was it, I’d say we instantly knew we were going to fall in love with this. 



Our first real drive in the car that evening mainly consisted of motorway style driving, basically the pretty dull A12 and M25. But being in something as lovely as this Macan made the journey effortless. We’ve been used to adaptive cruise control on our own car and were delighted when we found out this had it too. It is an optional extra on this, but trust me it’s worth every penny. It takes all the effort out of long journeys and I think actually drains you less. We drove to Paris over Christmas in our car and I made use of the adaptive cruise control all the way. A near on 6 hour journey really was effortless. It’s definitely one option that I can highly, highly recommend. 


The next day was a day of child duties, going to our normal classes and swimming lessons. Obviously the Macan handled this with ease, allowing us all to travel around in luxury and comfort, and definitely getting some admiring gazes from other parents. After that we managed to go out and just drive around putting the car through various paces, with a mixture of roads. You really can have fun with the Macan when you want. And do you know what, my only real criticism of this particular model, which to be fair, I didn’t expect it to be, is that it could perhaps be a bit louder. But again, this all depends what you want out of your car. 


This does also show the sound proofing on the car is second to none, as you can’t hear all that much engine noise when you’re pushing on, but if you go round the back it does actually make a rather nice noise. My recommendation would be if you were looking for more noise, you can opt for the Macan S which starts at £48,750, so £2,406 extra which I’m lead to believe makes more noise, also giving you an extra 109 PS and slashing the 0-60mph time to 5.3 seconds. Alternatively for more noise on your Macan, you could spec the optional £1700 sports exhaust system which gives you an exhaust button you can press inside. 




Sunday we then took the Macan on an approx 250 mile round trip to Paultons Park in Romsey. Unfortunately for us, this was the day that storm Freya hit. So it was pretty horrible driving conditions in all fairness, with non stop spray on the motorway. The Macan handled this beautifully, I didn’t suffer any aqua planing, nor any high gusts of winds that I noticed. It just ploughed on, unphased by the horrible weather it was facing. Again, adaptive cruise control in full force. 

After getting thoroughly soaked at the theme park, we all jumped back in the car to head back home. Let’s just say the seat warmers and heated steering wheel were an absolute god send on a day like that. What a lovely way to thaw your hands out. I did notice as well acutally, that the blow heaters did seem to warm up pretty quickly too as well, which was a nice touch. 

Overall we averaged around 31mpg on that trip. I didn’t feel that was too bad, when you consider we had a full car and basically everything turned on. 


Overall I think we did just shy of 500 miles in the Macan and loved every single one of them. From memory we spent around £90 on fuel over that 500 miles or so. Bearing in mind your driving around in a Porsche with that level of practically and performance, I think thats pretty damn good. 




So would we buy one? Do you know what, obviously budget depending, I actually think we would. For me the Macan personally covers all bases. It looks good, drives beautifully, not dreadfully expensive to run, practical to suit our needs and I think when you park up and turn around to look at the car as you’re walking away, that’s got to stand for something. 


We’d highly recommend you get in touch with Mark Goody and his team at Porsche Colchester and see how they can help you. I’ve chatted to a few people who have had personal dealing with that particular dealership and they all boast glowing reports. 


Mark Goody
Porsche Centre Colchester

Tel:  01206 855500

Fax: 01206 848548







From the moment you open the door, it just oozes luxury and you can tell straight away that you’re in something special. Our test vehicle had the £2,550 optional black / garnet red two-tone leather interior fitted, which for me personally just made the car stand out so much. I know it may not be the most practical colour for kids, but come on just look at it! I’m sure the all black leather is just as nice, but when you’re buying a Porsche wouldn’t you want it be extra special? Combined with the £329 piano black finish interior package it really does make it that extra bit special. Our Macan also had the £1,044 optional 14 way electric seats (front) with memory package fitted too, along with £590 seat heating (front and rear). These may or may not stand out as expensive options, but if you think about it, how much time do you actually spend in the car? I know we spend a lot, and we also travel up north a fair bit too, so comfort is one of the most important things for us. Also a nice touch that your passengers in the rear can have nice toasty bums too - and I can confirm the seat warmers work fantastically! The £189 heated steering wheel is a nice touch as well, particularly if you tend to feel the cold like me.




Another important factor for us is the infotainment system, and luckily the Macan impresses here too. I will say that on first impressions we were a bit bewildered with how many buttons there seemed to be on the centre console for the various controls and did find it a bit distracting at first. But I put this down to being in a new car and learning the buttons, because once we had gotten used to them after driving around for the first evening it all just came together and worked. 

You will find all the buttons relating to various driving modes/features and temperature control on the centre console, whereas pretty much everything else is controlled via the PCM (Porsche Communication Management), which also includes Apple CarPlay. For anyone that hasn’t used this it basically syncs most things you’re doing on your phone with the screen in the car, so you can for example, use the maps on your phone or stream Apple Music all via the Porsche system - a nice touch. Talking of music, as standard you get a hi-fi sound system with 10 speakers, but on our vehicle we had the £834 Bose surround sound system - which has always been one of Stace’s must-have optional extras.  




Anyone with an iPhone will know the struggles of always having to charge your phone in the car, and the Macan comes with two 12 volt sockets (one in the centre console in front and in luggage compartment), two USB charging and connectivity points in the centre console and two USB charging sockets in the rear centre console, so no shortage of charging points whatsoever! 

There’s also no shortage of lighting inside the car either, and I’m a sucker for nice LED’s. 

As mentioned above the ISOFIX points in the back are a doddle to use, a simple plastic cover to remove and then the metal bracket point is visible and so easy to fit a seat onto. Why are some other cars so hard to even find the point when they’re tucked right in the crease of the seat?





The luggage compartment/boot on any family car is an extremely important aspect to any family. The Macan has a capacity of approximately 500 litres and a maximum load capacity with rear seats folded of approximately 1,500 litres. This is accessed via an automatic tailgate with either the button the key fob or a button on the drivers door, also closed with a button on the inside of the boot lid. All very simple. 


During our time with the car, we loaded the boot up with our normal 2000 bags, trikes and pushchair with room for more!  We actually tested out all our prams and found the only two that you had to lie across the back of the boot were the Stokke Xplory and the Bugaboo Chameleon 3. All the others were able to slide into the boot, therefore only taking up one half at the side. We actually could fit our Stokke Scoot and Bugaboo Bee side by side which is handy if you ever needed too and I would think a Bugaboo Donkey would fit easily too with room. But more importantly, if you can fit a pram in one half, it leaves the other half for any shopping/bags you need. So I’d say the perfect size for us anyway. Obviously once you start going for bigger boots you’re looking at overall bigger cars, which has it’s pro’s and con’s in itself. 




While I’m on the subject of storage, inside the car at the front you’ve got two cup holders in the centre console, and what seems like loads of room in the door cards. We easily fitted our 500ml Botella bottles in there with plenty of room to spare. The centre armrest also lifts up where you can keep phones, sunglasses etc, which is also where the USB points are located. In the rear there is also a fold down armrest in the centre which has a further two integrated cup holders. 



How does the Macan drive? For me, it covers all bases beautifully and we’ve tested it in various conditions. 

It comes with a 245 PS In-line 4 engine, which actually makes a pretty decent sound for an engine with a fairly small displacement. Combined with 370 Nm of torque with it reaching its maximum between 1,600 - 4,500 RPM. It does rev out nicely up to just under 7000 but you’re not going to get maximum power up there in the rev range. This is paired with Porsche’s PDK 7 speed automatic transmission with gearshift controls on the steering wheel and automatic mode (all comes as standard). 

So when you’re off on a long motorway journey, it’s incredibly smooth, comfortable and quiet. This vehicle also had the £893 adaptive cruise control fitted, which once you’ve used it you’ll never want to be without it, or even go back to using standard cruise control for that matter. Basically with it being adaptive, it measures the distance and speed of the car in front and adjusts your speed and distance accordingly. So you set the speed and distance, then the car does the rest; even braking and slowing down for you when the car in front does so and speeding up again after. Long journeys with this become a dream, because as long as you’re paying attention at all times, all you need to do is control the steering and be prepared to sharp break. Average speed camera zones become a doddle as you don’t need to keep looking down at your speed. 





Then on the flip side if you’re on a more country road and fancy pushing on a bit, you can press the ‘Sport’ button on the centre console and then double press the chassis button to turn that into Sports Plus, knock the gear lever to the side and then you’re in manual mode (but it will change gear for you if left). I can’t explain how fun this is and how you lose all size of the car, with it just moulding around you and becoming incredibly engaging. For anyone that’s ever used a PDK gearbox, you will know how unbelievably smooth the gear changes are - you literally can't feel any jerk changing up or down. The paddles are immense fun too, I’m so glad Porsche give you these and not just the gear lever to change up and down. You can also use what’s known as Launch Control too, which is the ultimate boys toy. So after you’ve done all the above, come to a complete stop, left foot on the brake, floor the accelerator and then the car will hold the revs at around 4000 RPM until you’re ready to lift your left foot of the brake. Once you’ve lifted the brake you’ll feel the Macan launch ahead with incredible force for something that’s essentially a practical family vehicle! Absolutely brilliant fun, and definitely one for the kids that love their cars to enjoy too. I wouldn’t recommend trying this for the first time with the Mrs and kids in tow though.




So what about running costs? We found that obviously depending on driving stye we achieved a lowest mpg of about 22mpg with some spirited driving in sports plus mode, and a maximum of 31mpg on motorway driving. Its worth bearing in mind that when we did achieve the 31mpg we actually had a full car (4 adults, 1 child with child seat and a full boot). The weather was also awful, which meant we had all the heated seats on, heated steering wheel, all lights and air conditioning on (to stop windows steaming up), so this is actually pretty good considering. You also have to remember that this is a Porsche - so it’s not really the sort of car you buy to be the most frugal and try and save yourself money on fuel. With the Macan, you’re buying into the Porsche family, and you’re buying yourself a medium size family SUV with the capablity of getting you from 0-62mph in 6.7 seconds (or 6.5 second if you opt for the Sport Crono Package). The Macan does also have a top speed of 141mph if you find yourself on a private road without the kids, looking to stretch its legs. It’s also worth noting that the in gear acceleration is really smooth and very impressive, for example 50-75mpg takes 4.9 seconds, which is typical motorway speeds. 




Another good feature that I wanted to touch upon is the headlights in the car and actually how brilliant they are. Our vehicle had the standard LED main headlights but also included the £767 Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus). These headlights actually turn with the steering wheel, so in dark country lanes they’re following the bends with you! They also adjust the range of beam according to your speed. So for example on the motorway at higher speeds, the beam will extend further out in front of you, allowing you to see further ahead. But once your speed comes back down it’s also illuminating some of the side of the road too. They adjust your full beam automatically too. So once you’ve put full beam on it will stay on until it detects at car coming towards you, then it dips back to a normal beam, very quickly too! Below you’ll find a breakdown of the standard specifications as well as individual extras for this particular loan car and the prices. 




We feel very honoured to have worked with such an incredible brand/ dealership and pride ourself in this instance on our ability to confidently talk cars and create authentic and genuine lifestyle style content and imagery. We hope this is the start of something very exciting for us on our enthusiast/ influencer journey in this particular industry and cannot wait for what’s to come next.


Blog writing credit Adam @dad2r  

Photo credit Stacey




 Specifications- Standard Porsche Macan


• 2.0-litre in-line four cylinder turbocharged engine, maximum power 180 kW (245 PS), maximum torque 370 Nm • 65-litre fuel tank 

Engine features 

• Direct fuel injection (DFI)
• Turbocharger
• VarioCam: continuously variable camshaft timing (intake & exhaust) • Water-cooled with thermal management
• Active air intake flaps
• Gasoline Particulate Filter
• SPORT button 


• 7-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) with manual controls (gearshift paddles) on steering wheel and automatic mode, recommended gear for optimum fuel economy displayed in manual gearshift mode 

• Auto start/stop and coasting function 

• Porsche Traction Management (PTM): Active all-wheel drive with electronically variable, map-controlled multi-plate
clutch, automatic brake differential (ABD), anti-slip regulation (ASR)
Chassis and wheels 

• Steel spring suspension 

• Power steering 

• Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPM) 

• Tyre sealing compound and electric compressor 

• Vehicle stability system Porsche Stability Management (PSM) including ABS, ASR, ABD, MSR and Trailer Stability

• OFF-ROAD button 

• 18-inch Macan wheels 

• 4-piston aluminium monobloc fixed caliper brakes at front, internally vented brake discs • Combination floating calipers at rear, internally vented brake discs
• Brake discs with 345 mm diameter at front and 330 mm at rear
• Brake calipers with Black finish
• Electronic parking brake
• Anti-lock brake system (ABS) • Multi-collision brake



• Fully galvanised body
• Front end with integrated air intakes
• Sideblades in Lava Black
• Side window trims in matt black
• Roof spoiler in Black (high-gloss)
• Two single-tube exhaust tailpipes, left and right sides, in matt silver-coloured finish • Preparation for tow bar system
• "PORSCHE" logo and model designation on rear hatch in silver colour (high-gloss) 

Electrical and Audio / Communication Systems 

• Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including Online Navigation Module, mobile phone preparation, audio interfaces, smartphone compartment and voice control system 

• Connect Plus including online navigation, Apple CarPlay®, 4G/LTE telephone module and wireless internet access, as well as Porsche Car Connect including Carfinder, Remote Vehicle Status, Remote Services and Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS Plus), (subscription required). 

• Integrated 4G/LTE compatible SIM including data for the Porsche Connect Services (Navigation and Infotainment services only, music streaming and WiFi not included). Detailed information on Porsche Connect can be found at 

• To use music streaming and WiFi, data packages are available to purchase in the Connect Store. Alternatively a data- enabled SIM card and a separate valid subscription to a mobile network provider (subject to charge) can be used instead of the Integrated SIM. 

• Hi-Fi sound system with 10 speakers and a total output of 150 watts with integrated amplifier and digital signal processing 

• Digital radio 

• Two sockets (12-volt): centre console in front and in luggage compartment 

• USB charging and connectivity socket in the centre console storage compartment 

• Two USB charging sockets in the rear centre console
Lighting and visibility 

• LED main headlights with automatic, static range control including 4-point LED daytime running lights 

• Front light modules with LED position lights and direction indicators 

• Automatic headlight activation including 'Welcome Home' lighting 

• High level 3rd LED brake light integrated into roof spoiler 

• Three-dimensional LED taillight design with integrated 4-point brake lights and lighting strip 

• Front windscreen wipers with two speeds, intermittent wipe and rain sensor 

• Rear window wiper with intermittent function and washer jet

• Electrically adjustable, heated exterior mirrors, electrically retractable and aspherical on driver's side 

• LED interior lighting concept including glove box compartment, ignition lock, reading spot lights for driver and front
passenger, reading lights in rear left and right, luggage compartment


Instruments and assistance systems 

• Lane Departure Warning 

• Cruise control with speed limiter 

• Electric windows front and rear, with remote closing function, anti-trap protection and one-touch operation 

• Automatic hold function 

• Porsche Hill Control (PHC) 

• On-board computer 

• Integrated cluster of three round instruments with black rev counter 

• Instrument cluster with high-resolution 4.8-inch colour display, gear indicator for PDK, service interval display, external
temperature indicator, fuel gauge and various warning displays 

• ParkAssist front and rear with optical and acoustic warning 

Safety and security 

• Side impact protection integrated in doors 

• Bumper system with high-strength cross members and two deformation elements, each with one threaded fixture point
for towing eye contained in on-board tool kit 

• 3-point automatic seatbelts with pre-tensioners (driver and front passenger, outer rear seats) and force limiters.
Manually adjustable seat belt height, reminder warning (driver, front passenger and all rear seats) 

• Full-size airbags for driver and front passenger 

• Side airbags at front, integrated into the seats 

• Curtain airbags along entire roof frame and side windows from A-pillar to the C-pillar 

• Roll-over sensors for activation of curtain airbags and seat belt pretensioners 

• Front passenger airbag deactivation facility for installation of child seats, indicator in overhead console 

• ISOFIX fastening system for child seats on outer rear seats

• Engine immobiliser with in-key transponder 

• Alarm system with ultrasonic interior surveillance 

• Central locking system with remote control

• Tinted, heat-insulating glass all round 

• Heated rear screen with 'auto-off' function 

• Three-zone automatic climate control with separate temperature settings for driver, front passenger and rear
passengers. Automatic air-recirculation mode including air quality sensor and separate air flow regulation for driver and
front passenger. AC MAX button and humidity sensor 

• Air conditioning / pollen filter 


• Five seats, rear seat system with two comfort outer seats and a central seat 

• Comfort seats (front) with 8-way electric adjustment of seat height, squab and backrest angle and fore/aft position on
driver's side. Manual 6-way adjustment of seat height, backrest angle and fore/aft position on passenger's side. 

• 4-way front headrests, 2-way rear headrests (not including central rear seat) 

• Rear seat system with split-folding design (40/20/40). Fold-out centre armrest

• Interior trim package in black
• Accent trims with silver-coloured finish
• Interior in standard colour, leatherette / Alcantara®
• Fabric roof lining
• Loading edge protection in aluminium
• Multifunction sports steering wheel with gearshift paddles, rim in smooth-finish leather • Non-smoker package
• Floor mats 

Luggage compartment and storage 

• Automatic tailgate 

• Luggage compartment capacity of approximately 500 litres, maximum load capacity with rear seats folded of
approximately 1,500 litres 

• Storage compartments in interior (depending on personalised specification): glove compartment, storage bin in centre
console, uncovered storage compartment in centre console, door pockets, storage compartment in side of luggage
compartment and storage compartment in spare wheel recess 

• Bottle holders in door panels front and rear 

• Two variable diameter cup holders in front 

• Fold-up centre console armrest with fore/aft adjustment 

• Rear armrest with two integrated cup holders 

• Fixed, removable luggage compartment cover 

• B-pillar clothes hooks on driver and passenger's side
• Standard exterior solid colours: Black, White • Standard interior colours: Black, Agate Grey


Optional extra’s included on our loan car.

Macan Individual equipment
Jet Black Metallic £632
Black / Garnet Red two-tone leather interior £2550
Panoramic roof system £1137
Privacy glass £333
Roof rails in aluminium, painted in black £245
Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) £0
Air suspension with self-levelling function and ride-height adjustment including Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) £1860
Sports tailpipes in black £548
75 litre fuel tank £84
Power steering Plus £185
21-Inch RS Spyder Design Wheels 18-Inch collapsible spare wheel £2828
LED main headlights including Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus) £767
Automatically dimming mirrors £252
ParkAssist (front and rear) including reversing camera and Surround View £884
Porsche Entry & Drive £497
Adaptive cruise control £893
Heated windscreen £303
14-way electric seats (front) with memory package £1044
Seat heating (front and rear) £590
Heated steering wheel £189
Smoking package £38
Piano Black Finish interior package £329
Comfort lighting package £219
Porsche Crest embossed on headrests (front seats) £161
BOSE® Surround Sound System £834

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