Joie 360 spin vs FX every stage car seat comparison.

September 24, 2019






For the last week we have been putting the @joie_global every stage FX signature through its paces and product testing.

This hasn’t been your ordinary collaborative testing as we have been making a comparison to our current Joie 360 spin (which we purchased when Ralphie was newborn). I know many of you have been keen to hear our thoughts on the model and I’m going to try and “mum it down for ya’ll”.

So the main difference between the two is obviously the spin 360 feature. The FX every stage doesn’t spin. Which after a week without (when I have only been used to this) all I can say is I am praying that the rumours are true and Joie have something pretty freaking awesome on the horizon in terms of an “every stage” seat that spins for easy entry and fastening. I’ve really missed this feature I’m not going to lie.

What we have noticed about the two seat sizes is the 360 spin system requires much more space; is a much larger seat/ base and pretty bulky all round. So keep this in mind when space is a factor to consider, whereas the FX is a lot smaller, lower in height (less bulky) and I think would be a good pick for smaller cars or limited space.

The main reason we were so keen to get Ralphie into the “next stage seat”
was the longevity the seat boasts in terms of weight / age.
The FX seat can be used from newborn (as can the 360) but right up to 36kg so longer usage and value for money. Whereas the 360 spin is up to 18kg only(which states around 4 years but Ralphie is nearly hitting the 17-18kg weight mark and isn’t 3 until December.) And given he was in a newborn carry seat for the first 9m he hasn’t really been in the 360 for that long if you sit down and work it out at his weight pace.

With the FX we installed the car seat in the forward facing toddler mode using the isofix ,five point harness and the top tether (not all cars have a top tether so please read the manual before installing). There are many ways to install the FX; forward facing, rear facing and one being with the seat belt should the isofix fixtures be unavailable... which in some vehicles they are which I would say gives much more car/ van and front seat (air bag off) flexibility for families.

I’ve previously spoken lots about rear facing car seats, and it’s a decision we made as parents based on our individual preference and situation that we kept him rear facing for as long as we could and the 360 spin easily allowed this for us. He might look scrunched up leg wise rear facing but I can assure you that’s quite a natural flexible position for a toddler. So please do what’s best for you and your baby or seek advise with a local Joie stockist.

I think there’s a lot of car seat scaremongering these days. Do we go by weight, age or sympathy to make the decision to move up stages? But you don’t have to worry with both the FX every stage or the 360 spin as they both offer extended rear facing options as stated above.
I just think there’s a huge taboo around car seats and when and what age you should transition round etc. So make sure you read each individual manual when installing and weigh your kiddies regularly.

People are just massively influenced by what others do and at what ages and quite frankly like a lot in parenting we just follow suit, because we’re so petrified of admitting we just don’t know and are constantly comparing ourselves to other parents.

Alls I know and have read is; when a child is rear facing their whole back, neck and head are being supported by the seat in the event of an accident. When turned forward facing before 18kg, the child is being restrained by the harness strap and they lose the neck and head support. This increases the risk of spinal and neck injury from their heavy heads being thrown forward in a accident.

Design; We love the signature range it just oozes luxury. We especially love the brown leather finish on the stitching and Joie have truly set them self apart from the rest of the market with this premium design range. We’re so excited about what’s to come and hope to see a combination car seat which offers an array of all the different, amazing and premium features both of these individual seats boast.

Happy to answer any specific questions.

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