Don't trust everything you see, even salt looks like sugar!

August 5, 2019



I’ve had the privilege of getting to know this wonderful business. 


And they have been INUNDATED with people asking for FREE!!!!! toyboxes which makes me incredibly sad, 

Because I can only imagine the blood sweat and tears that goes into making each one these. 

Unfortunately this won’t be the first; last or only business targeted by these cowboy accounts. 


And It’s really starting to fucking really grate on me how many accounts are lacking so much authenticity and HONESTY these days. Some people are about as relatable as British politics 

In their desperate attempt to bag likes, comments, views and FREEBIES. And pray on the naivety of innocently insta-uneducated business owners and actually end up providing 0% sales, 0% authentic following and 0% profit or cost covered on their recently parted “gifted product”. 


Much to unpopular opinion (because you’re all fucking doing it these days) 

INSTAGRAM pods and LIKE4LIKE groups are NOT AN AUTHENTIC way to build your account. 


You’re basically saying to someone “Oi Susan like and comment on my picture and I’ll do the same for you in an effort to trick people into thinking I’ve got 777 likes and 83 comments per picture”. 

These 777 people do not care about the product you’re “promoting” for this desperate, hard working, naive, single-mum small brand trying to grow her business, they care about you returning the favour 10 days down the line when they’ve bagged a collaboration with a ‘knock-off’ personalised clothing brand to make their kid INSTAS next top model. Sorry not sorry. 


Please remember it’s not about followers, likes, comments, views and PODS in this instance it’s about genuinely helping brands, businesses and shops generate SALES, support their families and grow their pages. 

it’s about true ENGAGEMENT. 


It doesn’t matter if you have 200,000 followers or 2000 followers your engagement rate would and can be calculated in the same way. 

Instagram will only allow on an algorithm basis a certain amount of people to see your posts I think this is about 7%. And the 7% seeing your posts aren’t genuine potential customers it’s Sally; Sandra and fucking Susan from your WhatsApp group who lets face it give 0 fucks about what you’re promoting. 


It’s a dog eat dog world I get that, but I have never known a more competitive, bitchy and inauthentic world like Instagram has sadly become. 

You’ve got the same accounts tagging the same people every fucking Friday in a desperate attempt to bag a story share it’s just boring.. There has been so many times I’ve considered packing it all in .. because the fun; passion and excitement has been zapped out of it. 


The proof is in the pudding - followers and likes are just numbers ,read between the lines...

You can soon tell if someone’s likes and comments aren’t authentic. Scroll through the 500-700 likes and you will soon be able to spot the robots and the FRAUDS .The same people day in day out liking and commenting. And the comments don’t even have any relation to the product or caption being “promoted” it’s just emoji’s or “OMG gorgeous girl...💗” comments. You’ve all turned into robots. Where’s all my humans at? 


I might only get 150-200 likes on some photos (because it’s impossible to keep engagement up authentically these days due to the algorithms) but I’d rather that than to follow suit and build a profile on pretence and lies. I pride our profile on our content, our relatable and honest reviews and the fact our insights and collaboration stats speak louder than words or “likes”. 

It’s all about the quality not the quantity. I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes. I am honest, genuine, kind, always deliver and the brands and influencers I have strong relationships with, who know me on a personal basis would know all of the above. 


You are always going to have people who have their opinions, you could be the ripest most juiciest peach in the world but there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches. 


If I’ve rubbed anyone up the wrong way I just want to say I’m not sorry, because those guilty need bringing down. There are so many hard working, Instagram grafters out there and the phoneys and cowboys are destroying that and driving business and profits down for brands not UP by begging freebies and “collabs” knowing damn well they can’t give back. Some are even paying for followers still, and buying views and likes.. like whhaaaat! Yes there’s actually websites for this. 


I cannot wait for Instagram to delete the likes feature, so it’s a fair playing field. Others success, passion and “influencer” pages have driven the majority cray cray! 

I’m all for achieving your dreams and working hard to build your own empire and I’m the first to get behind someone but It would be such a wonderful world to be able to enjoy happiness without seeing envy in the eyes of those around you turning people into crazed and dishonest Regina’s. 


For those doing it the right way; with an authentically grown following and genuinely smashing collabs and affiliate campaigns YOU GO GLEN COCO! 


As a family we never dreamt of the opportunities Instagram would open for us, the brands we would get to work alongside, the friends and contacts we would make, the places we would get invited to and the gifts we would receive. I’ve said this before when I post things to our social media, material items or places we visit I never dream of posting to unravel envy or jealously. 


I post because I have a passion for sharing the things and places we love and helping recommend the brands we works with in a relatable way to our audience. I’m not bashing anyone for trying; or hard work ethic but I encourage you to stop thinking about yourselves and the concept “of getting free stuff”. I get asked this so many times a day.. “how can I get freebies” and there's nothing uglier. 


Businesses are suffering as a result when so many of us could be helping. Gifted products are payment in return for HARD WORK, beautiful content, shares, reviews, videos but most importantly SALES for this product. 


What most don’t realise is a lot has changed recently because people; pr companies and campaign agents have become very savvy and much more aware. A whole new world of  marketing insights and auditing has become available and companies are learning how to correctly vet anyone they work with so the collaboration initiation process is extremely stringent.

Just something for ya’ll to think about. 


Word ✌🏻


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