Toddlers V Rear facing car seats

January 31, 2019


Guys can we talk frog legs and rear facing car seats? So I’m just putting it out there that Ralphie is 2 years 1 month old and is still rear facing in our cars. I had 2 comments recently that really got my goat saying “How can you still put him rear facing when his legs are so scrunched up? “ and “Aw poor thing won’t be able to see where he’s going, X loves looking out the window.”

He might look scrunched up to you but I can assure you that’s quite a natural flexible position for a toddler. And if they aren’t crossed over he puts them up the back of the seat or over the sides. And putting it bluntly god forbid we were ever involved in an accident I’d rather weigh up slight leg discomfort or restricted view on a journey than him being seriously injured.

Do we go by weight, age or sympathy to make the decision to move up stages. I just think there’s a huge taboo around car seats and when and what age you should transition round etc. And sadly I think two of the main reasons people turn their babies/toddlers front facing is about view and thinking their legs are too long. People are just massively influenced by what others do and at what ages and quite frankly like a lot in parenting we just follow suit, because we’re so petrified of admitting we just don’t know and are constantly comparing ourselves to other parents.

I think the various manufacturers send such mixed signals and messages to consumers and there’s never one clear piece of advice across the board or indication of what’s safe and what meets the different laws and legislations as there’s so many standards and so many seats.
No wonder mums and dads are caught in the moment of who do I listen to here, what seat do I buy and what’s best for my baby.

Alls I know and have read is; when a child is rear facing their whole back, neck and head are being supported by the seat in the event of an accident. When turned forward facing, the child is being restrained by the harness strap and they lose the neck and head support. This increases the risk of spinal and neck injury from their heavy heads being thrown forward in a accident.

Ralphie’s car seat in Daddy’s car is the Apramo All Stage Car Seat.
This seat is suitable from birth to 12 years. Its best feature is the 360⁰ rotation (which we couldn’t live without now making getting him in and out so much easier.) The rearward facing capabilities will allow us to keep him in the rear facing position up to 18kg which is miles off. #apramo #apramocarseat 🚙 📸 *we adjusted the head support lower after this photo to fit supportively around his head.  

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