Perfectly imperfect.

November 11, 2018


I have worked so hard to achieve the things I’ve achieved in the past 22 months. I’ve created a life for myself and my baby where I am able to be with him 24-7, and I am so lucky I’ve never had to take that heart wrenching leap back into “out-of-the home work” many of you Mummy/ Daddy’s I admire have had to take after becoming parents.

Yes you heard it right this is my full time job... Who would have thought @Instagram could have opened so many doors for me as an influencer Mummy to Ralphie (nearly 2) and young entrepreneur of online business @mummasprints . Adam has even recently set up his own dad run account sporting some mouthwatering foodie posts, car content and another insight to our crazy little family. @dad2r

Social media and Instagram in particular is so under rated in the business world. Two years ago I never dreamed of being in the position I am today and even put Instagram and business in the same sentence. I have grown strong relationships with fellow influencers, businesses and brands and I am truly blessed to have achieved credibility and an audience who trust my recommendations and reviews and see me for the normal, genuine and down to earth person I am. Albeit a little controversial but what’s normal these days?

I have my own small business where I can channel my creativity through to my work, I run sell-out influencer workshops teaching and inspiring others how I do what I do, I have supported and worked with brands I never even thought would be possible, Ralphie is an agency represented model and he/ we get paid to create content and images on the Ralphie.RW social media account promoting the brands we love and use in our home.

And as a result of the doors opened by Instagram, Mummas Media is my “full time” form of income and the life I love living where I get to spend every day with my little bestie. As well as being able to put away and save for my son through his platform earnings so one day he can look back and know I did right by him.

So nothing breaks my heart more than when people say comments like “you’re too busy taking pictures of him posing as a model rather than spending quality time with him/ or shoving a camera in his face.” How is this any different to the guilt some parents go through having to leave their babies on daily basis to go to work or other jobs where in one way or another people judge you for not being the most perfect parent with a perfect work/ family life ratio. Is there such thing as good balance in this day and age or are we just all winging the shit out of life keeping our heads above water in such a judgey, cut throat and competitive society.

Not that I have to justify myself as a mother or how often I’m seen on my phone or my intentions behind anything I do but do you honestly think I would be using him as a tool for my own greed? No!

Everything I do - I do for my son, I do for him and I do it to create and shape his future. He never misses out nor suffers as a result of the online account I manage as a result of me photographing him and his beautiful photos. 9 times out of 10 he’s actually none the wiser I’m even taking pictures as he’s too busy living his best life and distracted by whatever’s behind me and the camera.

As a family we never dreamt of the opportunities Instagram would open for us, the brands we would get to work alongside, the friends and contacts we would make, the places we would get invited to and the gifts we would receive. All of which we enjoy together as a family, creating memories which we will cherish forever.

When I look at others; whatever the background to their income “choice” I know it’s the right choice by their family and I would never judge anyone based on their “life choices”. It doesn’t matter if that was your only choice, your first choice over staying at home with your kids or the choice you’ve just made work and made normal; this doesn’t define us as people or parents. It’s a serious allegation accusing someone of being a bad mum because of their choices of making the best out of what life has thrown their way. Some aren’t so lucky and have choices all together ripped away from them. So why are there people so fixated on bringing others down.

Ralphie is one of the luckiest babies I know and not just because of material things, because he gets to experience things I work so hard to make happen through my determination and love for him and times we get to spend together on a day to day basis. So FU and your comments on me being a selfish, bad, neglectful mother. I forgot there were so many “PERFECT” mums out there who have a right to judge me.

I’ve said this before when I post things to our social media, material items or places we visit I never dream of posting to unravel envy or jealously. If I do then that’s merely down to your own insecurities and demons. I post to remind the world and myself on daily basis that I’m just an ordinary girl from an ordinary world who works really bloody hard to create a life I love and deserve for my family and you can to.

I would never want to create jealously but instead strive to inspire others of their potential and support others wanting to achieve the same goals. Don't be one of those people who buys things they don't need with money they don't have to impress people they don't like. There's nothing uglier. Create your own network if you’re not happy with the one you’re in, stay humble, be honest, be you, be kind, be thankful, be original and dream big.

I am three weeks into my new venture;
teaching/ supporting and inspiring other likeminded mums, dads, bloggers and business owners who are looking to grow their social media pages.
And I cannot even begin to tell you how excited, thankful, proud and emotional I am. To think I could teach others how to achieve the things we have as a family is just mind-blowing.

Attendees will receive genuine coaching from me based on my experiences over the past two years.
My workshops are structured into 4 individual 75 minute split screen video conference calls so you can be anywhere in the world and still take part. There is such a niche in the market for this gem I have created on such a relatable and personal level . I always set a max attendance so I can give a very one to one experience.
And I strongly believe that these workshops open doors to an invaluable chance to network with likeminded accounts, businesses and influencers and grow your contacts as well as knowledge. Team work makes the dream work.

My most recent workshop featured a very special guest speaker. MTV’s teen mum @chloepatton_ Chloe took the time out of filming to join the call, support me and share her top social media tips; favourite influencer accounts and words of wisdom. Truly a friend for life who I’ve met in this crazy world and an example of how Instagram has changed my life.

And that being said I want each and every one of you to remember you can do anything if you put your mind to it. And no matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same.


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