Baby daddy love...

September 24, 2018


People are shocked to hear that Adam does the 2am wakes in the night (when he has to get up for work) and let’s me sleep. They think it’s so sweet that he “let’s me” go to out for drinks with the girls or out to get my hair done. And they can’t believe that he “watches” Ralphie and takes over when he gets home whilst I go for a long bath to unwind. Adam does not babysit our child. He is a parent. He’s in this thing called fatherhood. 


He’s not watching it play out from the sidelines, he’s an active participant in raising his kid, from the doctors appointments to handling the tantrums he’s there. Showing our son what it means to be a father, husband, and a man and I couldn’t be happier...and more rested because of him. 


Thank you for letting me be me... Here’s to all of the hands on Dads. And you @adamwaplington I am so lucky to be in this with my best friend. Who supports, loves and provides for us in every single way he can. #daddy #daddysboy #fiance #weloveyou 

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