Baby Björn Travel Cot Light

September 5, 2018

So we’ve just got home from a trip to Center Parcs and Baby Björn kindly gifted us a Travel Cot Light to use on our trip and for future holidays.


Mums/ Dads please please please invest in one of these. Because lets face it who likes spending 20 minutes at the end of every holiday or night away trying to squeeze a travel cot back into the bag it came in, catching their fingers and cramming it back in like trying to fit into your jeans after Christmas. 


It’s truly as simply as; 

1) Un-Zip the carry bag

2) Lift out the travel cot and set it up in one movement and bam! You’re ready to go! 


It’s just as easy and stress free to fold up and pop back into the carry bag. Hand on heart I think I folded ours up and packed it away in less than 1 minute. 


The travel cot even comes with its own mattress so no carrying or traveling with separate mattresses or accessories. The design is a grey mesh so you can peek through the sides when they’re sleeping and Ralphie enjoyed looking out and playing peekaboo with Daddy. 


The travel cot can be used from newborn and up to approx. 3 years, and weighs just 6 kg (including the carry bag and mattress!!)  


It’s not possible for hotels to clean all the mesh or fabrics after every use on travel cots in their short turn around times and this worries me. So I always opt for the no travel cot option in hotels and take my own as I know it’s clean, sturdy and safe for him to have a peaceful sleep.


I would highly recommend and say it’s well worth paying up for the quality and easy-on-the parent assemble and design. 


It’s a yes from me! 


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