Real food kids will love with Annabel Karmel, Ralphie and Mummy!

July 29, 2018



Tonight we made Annabel’s paella from her new cookbook ‘Real food kids will love’ lots of fresh ingredients and easy for Mummy to follow. 


I love experimenting with new tastes and flavours and was unsure how Ralphie would take to the prawns and squid rings- but he loved them! I think it’s more about getting over your #parentinganxiety first and your own likes and dislikes. 


There’s something about colourful food that just screams #eatme and I cannot wait to try more of these recipes. We had the pleasure of meeting Annabel recently after an introduction from a good friend, and her story regarding her son and background is truly inspiring and encouraging for any mum in turmoil over a fussy eater. 


This recipe comfortably fed the three of us and I’ve managed to freeze some too. The book also states it can be cooked from frozen in 20 minutes so perfect for a rushed evening meal suitable for our little food monster.


How many of you cook from scratch? Because I know myself how easy it is to grab ready made burgers, all-ready marinated chicken and sometimes even a pre made baby meal for convenience. 


If you’re the same why do you find this is the easier option? Is it because it’s too expensive to cook from fresh? Or are you a mum/ dad who struggles with cooking confidence issues? 🥘📙


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