Cybex Sirona Car Seat- Forward Facing Impact Shield

June 17, 2018



I’ve had lots of messages about Ralphie’s @cybex_global 360 Sirona car seat. Saturday was the first time we turned him front facing in this seat and as a result you loose the 5-point harness and inherit the impact body shield. I have to admit I was totally freaked out when I saw him initially as it looked so strange and he did kick off first time. I popped up an insta story #POLL asking on your thoughts/ experiences regarding the front facing impact shield VS keeping him rear facing as per the new legislations until 4 years old. Much to my surprise it was almost 50/50 and very mixed reviews. I’ve looked into the safety behind the shield today and this is what I found out;
In comparison with a regular 5-point harness system, data supports that the impact cushion significantly reduces the impact energy arising in a collision. The energy from the collision is distributed equally across the large area of the cushion and broken down by its energy-absorbing materials. In an accident using the shield the whole body would naturally roll into it rather than the neck taking the brunt/ force in an accident supported by a 5-point harness.
There’s obviously a reason it’s rated and deemed safe, so I think we’re going to give it a go even though I’m VERY SKEPTICAL he seems to like it and after two days he already puts his hands up when we’re putting him in. We’ll see I’m very torn... one of those I just don’t know what to do Mum moments... 💭🚙




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