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June 12, 2018


Ralphie is nearly 18 months old and the last few nights have been a bit of a slog as we have some mother molars coming through! #teethingsucks 


Tough nights always seem tougher as we literally have the worlds BEST sleeper.

Ralphie has slept all the way through the night since newborn, so if we have a bad night with teething it's a MASSIVE shock to our system. Hats off to you’s who do this every night with night wakers. 


We have never stressed about specific bed times or "routine" we kind of let him decide when he's tired and judge the situation night by night. There's no rule book to being the perfect parent so 90% of the time we're just winging it! We've always found doing it this way is less drama and Ralphie as a result is really chilled and laid back as there's no pressure surrounding bed time or negative connotations. 


We tried the whole locking him in a dark room to self soothe whilst we frantically timed 3-5 minute intervals before re-entering to a super distressed baby and decided we wasn’t about that life. Happy Mum, Happy Baby and there certainly wasn’t anything happy about that situation. So on a normal night he'll willingly go down about 8:30-9pm and will wake up about 9am. So we’re majorly WINNING in that department!


Adam has always done bedtimes it’s been their little thing since Ralphie was newborn (Adam even had the Moses basket his side of the bed) and I don’t tend to get involved too much. Once he's bathed Adam takes him into his nursery with his Bottle and they have a snuggle, I love that they have this special time.  


We both bath him straight after dinner which is funny as he now asks for a "baaaaaaaaa". He loves playing with his ducks and more recently we have the NubyUk car bath toys which are a huge hit in this car obsessed household.  


The following bedtime essentials are normally all ready to go in his room following a good scrub (tagged links); 

Ewan The Dream Sheep

SleepyHead Grand

Ergo Pouch Sleeping Bag

Nuby Uk Little Gem Soother 


Ralphie is really easy to transition into his cot when he falls asleep on the bottle which is most nights so Adam just makes sure he’s all in his sleeping bag beforehand. We love using sleeping bags/ pouches as they are a safe way to keep him warm without the need for loose blankets and dangerous cot clutter. 


The Ergo Pouch Sleep Suit we use also converts from a Sleeping Bag to a Suit with legs by one zip making the transition from car to cot a dream when we’ve had a late night out visiting family for dinner.  We’ve recently started using the 1.0 TOG which is ideal for the warmer evenings. 




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